Friday, February 6, 2009

Surly Travelers Check

I’m having mine built as a touring bike by my local bike shop. I like the idea of a bike that can be broken in half and stuck in the trunk of a rental car or stowed away in flyable luggage. Well, truthfully, any bike can be broken in half and stuffed in the trunk of a car…but this one you can put back together. I also like having ‘SURLY’ written on the side of my bike. Not that I’m a cantankerous old coot, but it does express a bit more attitude than ‘SALSA’, ‘SEVEN’ or ‘MOOT’. What the heck is a ‘Moot’ anyway?

I’ve been saving all year for the bike using an ingenious savings plan sponsored by the federal government. Each month I send them a large portion of my hard earned paycheck and at the end of the year, after completing and submitting an insanely complicated multipage form (caution: screwing this up may preclude you from confirmation for that cabinet post you’ve been dreaming of), the government decides if they will return some of my money or put me through an auditing process and penalize me with fines and interest. Cool.

Hopefully, the actual building process will begin in a week or two.


1 comment:

  1. Jack, A folding bike? what next one with wings???
    Just kidding. Hey I saw you heading EAST today on Hwy 74 with your bike on the back of your car, hope you were going for a ride and not going in for repairs! I was heading to Bryson City today for and evaluation and dreamed of biking there in stead of driving! Who needs cars anyway!